1. Customers are entitled to notify us of any discovered defects or damage within 14 ( fourteen ) days of receiving the items from us. After 14 ( fourteen ) days, we are unable to guarantee a return or replacement with the same item to remediate the order issue you experienced.
2. Product image as seen on website or social media may slightly differ from the actual product that you receive due to capturing angle, brightness and different screen.
3. If the defect is caused by improper handling of the items by the customer, we reserve the right not to accept returns or replacement.
4. Customers do not have the right to request for a money refund.
5. In order to return or request for a replacement, requestor must  submit or fill out the returns & replacemet form on the following link ( https://forms.gle/KqKS1JuYtWKQqWeu7 )
6. Your request will be processed within 7 working days. ( Exclude delivery lead time )